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Ilaaj Ayurveda clinc the leading Ayurveda treament Kerala is well known for the ayurvedic bridal treatment in kerala. We have a very huge happy brides who were undergone our very special ayurvedic bridal packages in kerala.

We understands that your wedding is the biggest occasion of your life. This is why we have put together beauty packages just for you. Weprovides the best ayurvedic bridal packages in Kerala for you.

In traditional Asian society, elaborate wedding preparations for both the bride and groom are de-rigeur, and commence with the engagement. Young brides-to-be indulge in a wide variety of beauty treatments using exotic herbs, accompanied by luxuriant body massages and other therapies to beautify their body, skin and hair and also to enhance their sensual mood. These therapies improve blood circulation and increase vitality, giving the skin a radiant and healthy glow.

The main cause of almost all the beauty problem faced by today’s world lies in internal imbalance. So Ayurveda treatments are focused on uprooting the root cause giving both internal and external detoxification providing u long lasting true and absolute beauty. Ayurveda explains various treatment modalities, herbs and formulations to cure and glorify your overall beauty. And Kerala is a land blessed by mother nature providing a large variety of such herbs. We in our ayurvedic bridal packages , make use of all those natural products in its best way.

Who is this package suitable for

All brides to be! It is the time in life that you must indulge in yourself and feel your best and elegant on your special day. Embark on a journey to feel beautiful, and most importantly, healthy on the day of your marriage. The package we offer makes you feel radiant internally and externally. We cleanse your system, skin, body and mind with our specially designed bridal package.

Ilaaj Ayurveda understands that your wedding is the biggest occasion of your life. This is why we have put together beauty packages just for you.Look great on the most important day of your life. Honour yourself on one of the most significant days of your life. Our special bridal packages for the bride and groom includes 7 days treatments with optional enhancements to customize your package.

Recommended number of sessions: 7 Days
Time per session: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Our bridal package integrates various beauty and revitalizing therapies to purify the skin and blood, and beautify from within. It softens the skin, clears complexion, make hair glossy and calms the mind. In addition, it makes the skin radiant and supple. This thoroughly pampering, nourishing and relaxing treatment is ideal for creating long-lasting beauty.